Inclusion Assessment

How inclusive…

Why take an inclusion assessment?

Being an expert at what we do rarely prepares us with the essential skills for leading diverse and inclusive organizations, strategies, change initiatives, learning programs, teams, or selves. If your skills feel a bit lacking in these areas, you may ask yourself “Where do I start?” 

A confidential inclusion assessment provides a non-judgemental and true starting point for your custom development plan, designed specifically for your goals. The assessment–coupled with positive and practical coaching–contribute to your success!

Organization Leaders

  • Learn step-by-step how to embed D&I into your organization.
  • Get the support you need to lead your organization’s diversity and inclusion vision and strategy with confidence.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and stay competitive.

Human Resources

  • Implement inclusive policies and employee touchpoints. 
  • Embed diversity and inclusion into your people processes and practices. 
  • Lead inclusive culture change.  

People Managers

  • Help your company meet their diversity goals with confidence, and with your coach’s support. 
  • Manage and develop your team in a way that brings out the best in everyone.  


  • Be recognized as an inclusive advocate, team member and coworker that understands how to engage others and get the best outcomes. 
  • Contribute to positive culture change on your team and within your organization.

Quantitative Data & Development

Individual Development

Individuals receive their confidential and quantified results that pinpoint how inclusive they think they’re showing up vs. how inclusive they’re actually showing up (their gap score).

Based on the gap score, free response questions, actual score, and one-on-one results debrief session, their coach puts together an individual development plan.

Cohort/Group Development

Your coach can compile individual data to create an anonymized group report. This report provides quantitative measures for your team, cohort, organization…or any group you’d like to assess. 

Results can be debriefed as a group (ie. in a conference, attached to a project or learning kickoff, etc.). Results can also be debriefed individually with follow-up coaching. Or debrief results as a group and individually!

Why choose this assessment?

Rigorously Tested

This assessment has been rigorously tested and scientifically validated across dozens of global cultures and diverse identities over the past 15+ years. It’s trusted by leading organizations and academic institutions around the world. 

Actionable Follow-up

Because individuals and groups receive a numerical score, it’s easier to pinpoint where to start and how to define goals for achievement. 


Quantitative measurement and qualitative data make benchmarking easy–take the assessment before and after DEI coaching, training and other development or change initiatives to see how far the needle has moved. 


Individuals can take the assessment and receive their individualized report in 17 different languages. 

Don’t launch your D&I strategy, diversity council, ERGs, coaching sessions, or education roadmap without taking this essential first step.