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How to Support D&I on a Budget

Large, well-known companies are running hard to punctuate their support for Diversity and Inclusion. These organizations want to send a significant message to their employees and the general public. While contributions to various causes have skyrocketed, the addition of Chief Diversity Officer positions has become prevalent. The positive of these gestures revolves around transforming the role of […]

The DDC Systematic Approach Summary

The Dave Daniels Consulting (DDC) Approach to Diversity and Inclusion implementation has been focused on broadening the Chief Executive Officer’s foundation and depth in this critical strategic area. While any CEO can benefit from this series of articles, my clear intent is to focus on small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. Why?  Having been privileged to work […]

The DDC Systematic Approach Part 4

Succession Planning All organizations can benefit from a robust Succession Planning process.  Larger organizations often use sophisticated software solutions to administer the process which are often way too much for smaller businesses. Think Sales Force, which I have found in several smaller organizations as their CRM and not used due to their complexity. Like CRM’s, there are […]

The DDC Systematic Approach Part 2

As mentioned in my first article, I am not against formal classroom training for Diversity and Inclusion (D & I).  As the CEO, you need to construct a strong foundation within your Executive Leadership Team (ELT), first. My last article introduced the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), as the focus for ELT development. In my opinion, this assessment […]